Per una entesa fraterna entre nacions

Per una entesa fraterna entre nacions

Respectar totes les identitats és el camí per superar-les

Una altra manera de col·laborar

Una altra manera de col·laborar

Tenint en compte les llibertats individuals i col·lectives

Confederation as a political solution between Catalonia and Spain

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Catalan and Spanish society are under a clash of powers that have not managed to find a democratic dialog space to the political problems and that is leading to an escalation of threats.

The solution comes from a new model of territorial and national organization. We are for a confederation as a way to satisfy the need of sovereignty and respect to the nations, while maintaining the fraternal ties of cooperation and solidarity.

We need to restore the affective and trust balances to go forward in a political organization that values respect to the identities and to the individual and collective rights.

We believe that the fundamentals of that confederation must be:

  1. Economic convergence of the different political subjects, that is, to tend to balance the economic capacity and autonomy and the welfare of the citizen from the several nations. That includes solidarity, knowledge sharing, technical and cultural formation, etc. that eases the less developed areas to reach the richest ones.
  2. The maximization of the common benefit, with strategic alliances for the internal consumption and defense of the confederal interests in front of the externals.
  3. Avoid the relations of domination and submission, both economic and territorial, politic and class subjugation, establishing a frame of respect and acknowledging to the different nations and identities, particularly the self-determination right. Guarantee the separation and equity of powers and strengthening the common interest, respect, affective and cultural ties.
  4. Guarantee the human rights and individual freedoms, particularly the right to equity of opportunity, decent housing, and access to the basic services (right to information and transparency among them).
  5. Apply the principle of subsidiarity whenever possible, approaching the public administration to the citizen. Particularly empower the municipalism and the associative network.

To participate in the debate, please visit Loomio Plataforma Confederal.